Gray’s success shatters bad perception of school district

Published 12:01 am Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Natchez-Adams Schools have an image problem. We all know that. It’s been around for years.

The perception that the public schools are inherently bad, unsafe and ineffective is just that, a perception.

Perceptions are strange things because they’re sometimes — but not always — backed by fact, but can become as difficult to shake as a summer cold.

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To hear opponents of the school district tell you, nothing good comes from the district.

That’s simply not true.

We were reminded of yet another example of exactly what greatness can come from the district last week.

A 1995 graduate of the district, Patrick Gray, was awarded the administrator of the year award by the Mississippi Department of Education.

Gray is a great example of success that is home grown and home fostered. He didn’t graduate prior to school consolidation, when both a North Natchez and a South Natchez existed. He graduated from the very same school that will graduate dozens and dozens of new citizens next month.

We applaud Gray on his success and the award for which we are certain he worked hard to earn.

But mostly we hope the district’s naysayers will recognize that the school district remains capable of producing excellent graduates.

Gray did have a great advantage over a number of others. He came from a two-parent family whose parents loved him and raised him to value education.

Gray’s success should help shatter the perception that Natchez-Adams Schools are inherently flawed. They aren’t.