Anonymous messages are coward’s way

Published 12:01 am Friday, May 1, 2015

What happened to having the courage of our convictions?

The Natchez-Adams School District is investigating a vicious email message, which was sent seemingly from one of its employee’s email addresses to all email addresses within the NASD email system.

The email message contained horrid accusations about the personal and work lives of several school officials — including the one whose email from which it was purportedly sent.

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Firing anonymous bombs in the form of emails laced with unsubstantiated rumors and overt threats simply means the sender is a coward.

Perhaps you think you’ll “get in trouble” if you step forward, or that you’ll cause bad things to happen for a friend or family member. Such is rarely the case. The real issue, almost every time, is that you want to cause trouble for others, but “you don’t want to get involved.”

Perhaps what you write about anonymously is true and the situation needs to have sunshine on it. Hiding your identity undermines the credibility of your message.

It’s a shame people and institutions are subjected to the hate of those who don’t have the integrity or courage to bring forth a situation they condemn without hiding behind anonymity.

The Internet has made it easier for cowards to spew their venom. Trolls on Facebook, Twitter and other popular sites can spread lies and hate to the masses, if not monitored.

However, in the situation of the NASD, it is very likely technicians will be able to pinpoint exactly who sent the cowardly email message. Very few ways to hide remain.

If you don’t have the courage to stand up for something you think is wrong, please keep it to yourself.