Trinity girls take state championship

Published 12:03 am Thursday, May 7, 2015

RIDGELAND — For the first time since her return as Trinity tennis coach, Noreen Pyron has brought the Saints a state championship.

By half of a point, the Trinity girls defeated Briarfield to win the state championship.

“The thing is they had no idea,” Pyron said. “They weren’t even thinking about that until we got to the finals, and we started looking at the matchups and parents were coming over and telling me. It was like, ‘Oh wow, OK.”

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After Mila Robb won her seminfinal matchup in No. 2 singles and McKenzie Smith and Hannah Fitt won the finals in No. 2 girls doubles, Trinity had three total points on the day, leading Briarfield by half of a point. Briarfield was competing in mixed doubles to end the day, and had the team won, Briarfield and Trinity would have entered a tiebreaker.

“We were waiting to see if they won or not,” said Pyron of Briarfield’s mixed doubles loss. “We were all pulling against them, and Newton ended up defeating them, giving us the win.”

Ali Smith was upset in the No. 1 singles in two sets during the semifinals.

As for the boys, Cole Mosby took home the state title for the second year in a row in individual action, except this time it was in No. 1 singles. Mosby won in two sets to capture the championship.

“He was very focused,” Pyron said. “The first match he did something to his knee. We got him some ibuprofen and put a brace on it and it took him just two sets to win the finals.”

Sam Mosby, a sixth grader, lost in three sets in No. 2 singles action during the semifinals, while Grant Falkenheiner and Alex Miller lost in two sets in No. 1 doubles. Hunter Yarbrough and Cortez Adams lost in two sets in No. 2 doubles action.