Four arrested in burglary case

Published 12:14 am Thursday, May 21, 2015

FERRIDAY — Four Ferriday residents have been arrested in connection with a burglary that took place in Ridgecrest in late April.

Donald E. Higginbotham III, 17, Christopher Jacob Higginbotham, 22, and Trey Wright, 17, broke into a home on Cowan Street on the evening of April 20, while the owner of the home was sleeping in a recliner.

Wright was arrested on April 27 while investigating officers recently arrested Donald and Christopher on May 16 and May 19 respectfully.

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The fourth suspect, Kennieth D. Lord, 21, was arrested for possession of stolen property on May 14.

Concordia Parish Sheriff’s Office spokesman Vernon Stevens said the suspects gained entry through the window by shoving an air conditioning unit to the side and climbing through the hole.

Although the homeowner was not harmed, the suspects were able to pocket seven guns, a sizable amount of cash and jewelry.

The seven guns were a part of the homeowner’s gun collection, Stevens said.

Stevens said five of the seven weapons were recovered along with a peace of jewelry that was located at a pawnshop in Baton Rouge and a portion of the stolen cash that was used for a trip to Pensacola.

Christopher also bought a 1998 Ford Mustang with some of the money.

“I want to commend Investigator Phillip Smith for his work,” Stevens said. “He was very diligent in investigations, as they recovered most of the stolen property. They also received the car that was bought with the stolen funds.”

Donald, 17, 287 Cowan St., was arrested for home invasion and aggravated burglary, Christopher, 22, 293 Cowan St., was arrested for resisting an officer (six counts), contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile, aggravated burglary, home invasion, obstruction of justice, jumping bail and booked on a bench warrant for failure to appear and Wright, 17, 109 Cowan St., was arrested for obstruction of justice, illegal possession of stolen firearms and aggravated burglary.