County, city need to think hard on YMCA

Published 12:01 am Sunday, June 28, 2015

Could the future of Natchez-Adams County recreation be steered in a new direction with a simple meeting Monday?


City and county leaders plan to meet Monday with directors of the Jackson YMCA in hopes of learning a bit more about the organization and how it might come to Natchez and, in particular, might help manage a new pool.

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Natchez hasn’t had a true public swimming pool since 1994 when the Duncan Park pool closed permanently.

We have long suggested a pool is a good thing for our community, but only as part of a more comprehensive recreation program.

Perhaps both can be accomplished soon?

This isn’t the first time the area has danced with the YMCA. During Mayor Phillip West’s term in 2006 the YMCA came to Natchez, listened and made a presentation.

The leadership at the time, seemingly, couldn’t get all on the same page, thus the idea faltered.

We hope this time the city and county leaders fully consider the benefits and the flaws in partnering with the YMCA.

In theory the YMCA should provide a structure and a framework that Natchez-Adams County desperately needs if we move forward and build a public swimming pool.

Toward the end of the Duncan Park pool’s life, it was a wreck of mismanagement.

We should not sink millions of public dollars into a new version of the old Duncan Park pool until all stakeholders — including the public — are reasonably assured the outcome will be different this time.