Use caution while bridge is repaired

Published 12:01 am Friday, July 24, 2015

If you travel daily or only occasionally from Natchez to Vidalia, or vice versa, please be aware crossing the bridge is now a little more cumbersome.

Mississippi Department of Transportation officials have been warning us for weeks now they will be closing the westbound bridge, which is the older structure, completed in 1940. The bridge actually closed to traffic on Thursday afternoon.

MDOT crews have been working for months to replace pins and links. Those pins and links connect portions of the bridge structure and allow it to flex when needed. The project has now reached a stage during which work cannot continue safely while motorists are on the bridge.

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Both eastbound and westbound lanes are now operating on what is considered the “new” bridge, completed in 1988.

Officials expect the old bridge to be closed for about seven weeks.

This two-way traffic on the single bridge requires motorists to be extra vigilant. Please be considerate of other drivers and slow down. Not everyone enjoys driving over bridges.

During peak travel times, be prepared for traffic delays. No doubt MDOT officials have worked hard to devise a traffic plan that keeps those at a minimum, but give yourself some extra time just in case it is needed.

Simply be patient and kind when crossing the bridge, and we’ll all get to where we’re going.