Our schools need your help, support

Published 12:01 am Friday, August 7, 2015

Summers seem to be getting shorter. Or, maybe that’s simply a matter of one’s perspective.

However, summer ended Wednesday for students at Cathedral and Trinity schools, as the new school year began Thursday with the start of classes.

No more sleeping in. No more staying outside playing until the street lights come on. Maybe youngsters still have a month or more to spend in the pool, but homework, soccer practice, Boy and Girl scouts meetings and other extracurricular activities will limit their time.

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Natchez-Adams School District and Concordia Parish School District students have just a bit longer. First day of school in those districts is Monday. ACCS students have the longest reprieve in the area. That school doesn’t begin its year until Wednesday.

Even if you have no children in school, our students need your support.

You can provide that support in a number of ways. Volunteer to mentor a student. The Natchez-Adams School District has a program that will match you with a student who would benefit from your knowledge and experience.

Several schools encourage community members to come in and read to students. Or, offer to tutor children you know in your neighborhood or who go to your church.

Life is a little more complex today for school children than perhaps it was when you were in school. Our young people would benefit from interaction with a caring adult who wants to give them a hand up.