Kirk will bring integrity to county post

Published 12:01 am Friday, August 14, 2015

My name is Adam Contreras, and I served 24 years in the military and have 25 years of law enforcement experience.

I retired from the Army in February of 2010 and am currently a certified law enforcement instructor. I am the owner of Alfa Training Institute, a company that trains military, law enforcement and civilians in firearms and self-defense techniques. We also train privately-owned security and executive protection. I have spent a lot of my career dealing with government.

I know that a lot of us are tired or frustrated with our government today. The way we can change this, is by voting. We should vote people of integrity and professionalism into office. People that care about our communities, our values, our morals and traditions.

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There is a young man that is seeking the Office of Constable in Adams County that has these qualities. Adam Kirk is a man that Adams County would be very proud to have him represent them as Constable. I first met Adam during a tour in Iraq. He and I became a team and I knew he always had my back. Adam’s will to do his best led to all of our missions being successful. Adam always placed the welfare of his squad and his platoon before his own.

Adam always talked about back home and how much he loved it and the people. He and I had many conversations about our faith. Adam understood that our greatest protector was Jesus Christ and we prayed before each mission and after we returned.

I received The Bronze Star for my service in Iraq but I can’t help to think my men deserved much more than I did. With men like Adam Kirk my job wasn’t that difficult. Adam Kirk has the experience, training, and dedication to do an outstanding job for Adams County.

So please vote for professionalism and integrity. Vote for Adam Kirk. He will take a stand for Adams County.


Adam Contreras is a certified law enforcement instructor.