Delta Charter welcomes students

Published 12:11 am Monday, August 31, 2015

FERRIDAY — Class will not be in session at Delta Charter School until Tuesday, but excitement flooded the halls as students arrived for orientation last week.

Friday was orientation for grades six through eight, which meant it was time for Olivia Lancaster, the 12-year-old daughter of Heather and Jamie Lancaster, to dust off her uniform.

“I couldn’t go to sleep last night because I was excited,” Lancaster said.

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She’s a little less excited for Tuesday, since she said the school will be busier and she’ll have more work.

In terms of the overall school year though, Lancaster said she’s still excited.

“I’ve been bored all summer, and I know I’ll have friends coming here,” Lancaster said.

Nikki Goeggle, the mother of 12-year-old Jaci Goeggle, is also excited. Friday marked the beginning of her daughter’s first year at Delta Charter.

“She chose to go here,” Nikki Goeggle said. “I left it up to her.”

Jaci Goeggle isn’t alone in experiencing her first year at the school. A few teachers are new too, as well as William “Buddy” Givens, Delta Charter’s instructional director.

Givens said the teachers and staff have impressed him.

“They’re so easy to get along with,” Givens said. “They’re fun.”

Givens started approximately three weeks ago as the instructional director, with Monica Miller as the administrative director.

“We’re a different school, so we’re taking a different approach to how to work things,” Miller said.

The model, Givens said, allows him to focus on curriculum and professional development and Miller to focus on the administrative side of things.

It’s a new model for Delta Charter, Givens said.

“It’s new for most schools in general,” Givens said.

Still, Givens said it has worked well.

In terms of the campus, Miller said six new classrooms have been added. Four of the classrooms are in a portable building outside, while two others are in the gym.

“We just had a vacant room in the gymnasium that we were not using and it’s been converted into two classrooms,” Miller said.

On Friday, Miller said the new classrooms needed a few final touch-ups, such as a visit from the fire marshal to make sure everything is safely in order.

“They will be ready for Tuesday when students come,” Miller said.

The school is also expanding its robotics program, Miller said. Now, students in elementary school and high school can learn about robotics, in addition to middle school.

“We’re excited about all the changes,” Miller said.