Fire problems need to be extinguished

Published 12:01 am Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Fayette residents may rest a tad easier this morning after rain fell throughout the area.

Previously dry conditions combined with a mechanical problem in the city’s lone fire truck meant fires in the city were left up to volunteers to fight — and their numbers are dwindling.

Fayette residents pay taxes to the city to provide the basic protections including police and fire.

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Unfortunately, Fayette city leaders appear to have allowed turnover at the fire chief’s position combined with poor planning to create the perfect storm for a fire disaster. With a single truck and few volunteer firefighters to man the truck — if it were working — the city is in a precarious position.

Fayette’s fire chief said he believes the fire truck’s pump should be replaced later this week, but unfortunately the Fayette residents’ lives and property were put at risk in the process.

Fayette’s residents should not be forced to live in what amounts to a third-world country because its leaders lack the foresight to avoid the problem by being proactive.

While a fix for the current problem is being worked, the city’s leaders should quickly work out a plan to help avoid a repeat in the future by having a backup plan for its lone fire truck as well as more men and women capable of serving on the front lines when and if called to action.