Sheriff’s office: South Carolina man wanted for attempted murder, kidnapping seen in area

Published 11:21 am Friday, November 6, 2015

NATCHEZ — The Adams County Sheriff’s Office  is asking members of the public to keep their eyes open for a man wanted for attempted murder and kidnapping in Cherokee County, S.C., who may be in the area.



ACSO Victim’s Assistance Coordinator Karen Ewing said Michael Covington, 24, of South Carolina, who is wanted for attempted murder and kidnapping, was last seen by ACSO deputies in the area of Grafton Heights near Martin Luther King Jr. Road.

Covington is described as a black male, six feet tall and weighing 185 pounds. He has a large scar on his neck, and several tattoos, including one that reads “Boss Life” on his right hand and “Thug” on his left hand. He has several other amateur tattoos, including several depicting the Star of David.

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He was last seen wearing a green coat, green shorts and shoes.

Covington, a habitual offender who was most recently wanted in South Carolina for parole violation for a felony weapons arrest, reportedly kidnapped a woman from a convenience store Oct. 19.

Lt. Tim Hill of the Cherokee County, S.C., Sheriff’s Office said in a statement from ACSO that Covington reportedly entered the passenger’s side of the woman’s car, held her at gunpoint and demanded that she drive him.

Covington allegedly demanded at one point the woman stop and get into the trunk. The woman reportedly dissuaded him, and he allowed her to sit in the passenger’s seat while he drove.

After an argument ensued, Covington reportedly stopped the car, exited, giving the victim just enough time to grab her handgun from her purse and shoot Covington in the back. He reportedly shot several times into the car and injured her. She is reported to be recovering from her wounds.

Hill said in the ACSO statement law enforcement has determined Covington was carrying a 40-caliber handgun.

“He told the victim that it was his intention to kill a white officer and then kill himself,” Hill said.

Hill said Covington should be considered very dangerous.