Sales tax collections drop off

Published 12:11 am Thursday, November 12, 2015

NATCHEZ — Natchez sales tax collections were down 6.72 percent in August compared to 2014, but city officials say the drop may not be a reason to panic.

Sales tax, a component of city revenue that in Natchez is highly linked to tourism, dropped to $446,916 in August 2015 from last year’s $479,102, the city clerk’s office reported.

City Clerk Donnie Holloway said the hot temperatures may have had an effect on the drop in revenue.

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“You had a real hot, hot summer,” Holloway said. “I contributed (the drop) to people not getting out in hot weather, shopping, because of the heat.”

Numbers for August 2015 may be lower than 2014, but they are still 6.51 percent higher than August 2013, and 0.5 percent higher than August 2012.

In fact, 2014 saw the highest August collections since the turn of the century.

August 2015 came short of that record mark, but surpassed all other Augusts since 2000 except that of 2009, making this year the third most lucrative August of the century.

Despite August’s setback, Natchez tourism and sales tax collections for the city of Natchez is still on a gently upward climb.

Sales tax numbers for October reflect collections in August. Collections are reported two months after the fact.