Bright Future: Ferriday High junior enjoys representing school on advisory council

Published 12:01 am Wednesday, November 18, 2015

FERRIDAY — Representing a school for district officials may seem like a tough order for most students, but it’s old hat for a Ferriday High School junior.

Nathaniel Hood, 17, is a member of the Superintendent Advisory Council. The council is a student group in which students tell district officials what’s going on in their schools and suggest ways to improve.

“I usually just go in with a positive mind,” Hood said.

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Hood isn’t just part of the council though. Fabienne Bennett teaches Hood AP English language and composition and said he’s a leader in the classroom.

“People look up to him,” Bennett said. “They ask for his opinion, his help. And he’s always there to help people.”

Superintendent Advisor Council teacher advisor for FHS Sharon Henderson said Hood is very respectful.

“He’s a student I think any teacher would like to have in their class,” Henderson said. “I think he definitely has a bright future.”

Besides his other responsibilities, Hood also serves as trombone section leader in the band. He’s played the trombone since seventh grade and said he starts every day out with a song.

“I do have a great passion for music,” Hood said.

In the future, Hood is considering becoming a band director and attending either Grambling State University or Southern University.

He’s been involved in the advisory council for almost as long as he’s played trombone, having been picked to join in the eighth grade.

Henderson said two students are picked from every grade level from the district’s high schools and junior high schools. Hood meets with district officials approximately every two months.

“Sometimes it’s actually fun, and it gives you a good experience, and sometimes it can be kind of hard to think of ideas that can make the school better,” Hood said.

To get ideas of what to say, Hood said he talks to students, teachers and his principal. As part of the council, he also volunteers and visits colleges.

Hood said he likes being a member.

“It gives you feedback of what other students in different schools feel and also gives them an idea of how things in our school are,” Hood said, referring to students and administrators.

Hood is the son of Anita Hood.