Rhetoric from Trump is dangerous

Published 1:17 am Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Can America’s fear of terrorism, fueled by a clever politician, turn our country away from the very values that make us so incredibly unique?

We sure seem to be headed in that direction with throngs of supporters clapping along.

Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump actually may be more dangerous to America’s value system than the terrorist groups that have Trump’s supporters scared and looking for leadership.

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Earlier this week Trump called for a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.”

Applause erupts as he reaffirms his words.

In case you were wondering, apparently divisive hate-filled speech is now a good substitute for leadership.

Trump has ridiculed the physically handicapped. He’s cursed publicly, over and over again and now he’s begun to make a pretty dangerous comparison, playing to America’s current fear of the unknown.

Trump’s suggestion that all Muslims should be considered as threats of terrorism is ludicrous.

Yes, America needs to be careful who we allow to enter our country, particularly those who have traveled into known terrorist hotspots.

But Trump’s rhetoric has underpinnings in fascism.

If his policies were put into place, he would effectively embolden and empower the very terrorists he suggests he’s trying to stop.

The truth is — and Trump seems to like to talk around the truth — the vast majority of Muslims are peaceful and abhor the moves of violent extremists.

If we’re to truly win the war on terror it will come working alongside the peaceful Muslims of the world, not shunning them.