Concordia Parish School District gets clean audit

Published 12:01 am Friday, January 15, 2016

VIDALIA — The Concordia Parish School District received a clean audit this year — with two exceptions.

Director of Business Affairs Tom O’Neal presented the audit to the Concordia Parish School Board during its regular meeting Thursday night. O’Neal explained the two areas, which reoccurred for the second time which he said they wanted to clear up.

“I call them hiccups,” O’Neal said after the meeting.

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One of the “hiccups” concerned teacher pay. Under a method from a few years ago teachers were paid based on years of experience and their degrees. Under the new system it’s based on evaluation, O’Neal said.

But when the time came for teachers to receive a raise based under the old system during the last audit, the district gave them one even though they weren’t supposed to.

The second time, people were supposed to go in and make all the conversions themselves to ensure the mistake was not repeated. O’Neal said four or six were missed which resulted in the second year.

The other one had to do with depreciation schedules for assets. The first time there were issues and a new software program was brought in to solve them.

But in the transfer to the new program some were depreciated and some weren’t. O’Neal said the error didn’t get caught until the end of the fiscal period.

Another area O’Neal went over was how the audit now reflects the expenses incurred if everyone were to retire at once, totaling approximately $43 million.

This, O’Neal said, is why the bottom line shows the board approximately $17 million over budget.

In other news:

-The board voted to keep everyone in their same elected positions on the board, in the same committees and with the same level of compensation.

-After legal advice, it was found a time frame could not be decided for an interim superintendent. A motion was made, and accepted, to appoint Loretta Blankenstein as interim superintendent without a time frame.

Blankenstein was initially appointed as interim superintendent for 18 months at the Dec. 18 meeting.

-The board approved the advertisement of a disposable building at Ferriday High School for sale. The building used to be for JROTC, but is no longer in use and O’Neal said at the meeting is basically just sitting and deteriorating.