Faith and family: Resident shares faith through books

Published 12:00 am Saturday, February 6, 2016

By Morgan Mizell

The Natchez Democrat

Kimberly Granger has combined her love of children and reading into a personal mission she calls “Mission Light,” which involves handing out books and other materials to teach children about Christ.

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“I loved to read as a child,” Granger said. “I prayed for God to use me in the best way, and I feel that I am doing what He has called me to do — spread the light.”

Granger’s love of reading, children and children’s books inspired her to begin a quest to spread the gospel through the use of Christian literature. While her collection is large, she is careful to review the message in each book before she shares it with others.

“There are lots of great books out there, but no book is better than the Bible,” Granger said. “I have always given books as gifts to people, but I love to give books about Christ to children. Growing children up to know Him is the most important thing.”

Her collection of Christian materials include books, stickers, necklaces, bracelets, CD’s, bookmarks, Bibles and even stuffed animals that recite the Lord’s Prayer. She purchases all of the merchandise herself.

“It can be a rather costly investment,” Granger said. “But this is my mission and the Lord makes a way for me.”

Granger, who has actively been sharing the gospel this way for several years, has a large collection of materials that began to outgrow her home. Recently, her mother and father came in to build a “mission corner” in her laundry room.

“I usually keep several items on me, so that when I meet people I can ask a parent if it is ok to give the child a book or necklace,” Granger said. “Most of the time I have some items in my car so they are easy to get to and share.”

As a speech language pathologist in the public school district, Granger said she interacts with children every day she wishes she could share with; however, her work with children doesn’t end in the school classroom as she is an active member of Parkway Baptist Church, where she helps with the youth program Awana Sparks on Wednesday nights.

Her desire to help people is also evident in her participation with the food pantry at Parkway and the Bible study groups she hosts at her home.

She feels blessed to have a passion to teach scripture to children. She also enjoys being able to distribute the tools to parents that may help them start the conversation of who Christ is with their children.

“I have talked to some of the parents of the children I have given books to and it means everything to me when they tell me the kids actually look forward to reading the books,” Granger said. “In fact, my goddaughter’s mother sent me a picture of her reading to my goddaughter while her hand is on the book. It is framed in my room with the books I give to others.”

Granger says her family has been such an encouragement to her.

“My parents, David and Ella Granger, gave me such a great foundation and they have always supported me in everything I do,” Granger said. “My aunt Ella Knight has also been a major supporter of the ministry I do.”

She spends a great deal of time with her cousins and the two of her five godchildren who live locally — Jordan Murray, 15 and Ma’Kayla Murray, 10.

“My love of Christ and the scripture has so grown over the years, and I strive to be like Job when he mentions in the Bible about treasuring the scripture more than his necessary food,” Granger said. “I have been blessed with great Christian women friendships in my life, who not only share a spiritual journey with me; we just ‘do life’ together.”

Granger continues to seek materials for her mission. It fills her with joy to be able to share Christ with others, especially children. Much like one of her favorite verses, Matthew 5:16, she wants to continue to shine her light before others so they may glorify God.

Anyone who wishes to speak to Granger about her mission or wanting to contribute may contact her via email at