Natchez police investigating animal abuse reports on social media

Published 12:09 am Saturday, February 27, 2016

NATCHEZ — Natchez Police are looking into allegations of animal abuse that grew out of a viral social media posting.

The posting, which appears to depict a man handling dogs and small puppies in ways that may harm them — including by the skin of their backs, their ears and tails — and one photo appears to depict two dogs fighting.

The photos were shared by someone who was concerned and who said they took the photos from the man’s Facebook page. One screen shot of the Facebook page says the man in the photos lives in Natchez.

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The post has been shared a number of times, including by animal rights groups.

A spokesperson for the Adams County Sheriff’s Office said complaints about the post have been forwarded to them, but the matter is currently being investigated by the Natchez Police Department because the incidents are alleged to have happened in the city limits.

Natchez Police Detective Jerry Ford said the NPD is currently determining where the alleged animal abuse happened.

“Someone had told us about it, and we are looking into it, but we haven’t been able to confirm whether this is actually happening in the city limits or somewhere else,” he said. We are still trying to figure that part out. If it is something that is going on in the city limits, then certainly we will be putting charges on whoever is involved in it.”