Auditor: CVB audit for 2013-14 clean

Published 12:28 am Friday, March 25, 2016

NATCHEZ — The 2013-2014 audit for Natchez tourism is past due, but clear, the city’s auditor said.

The 2013-2014 audit of the Convention and Visitors Bureau shows material conformity with accounting principles, auditor Deanne Tanksley of The Gillon Group said in a presentation to the Convention Promotion Commission in its meeting Thursday evening.

Tanksley said the CVB roughly broke even over the course of the audited period.

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“As much turnover as 2014 had, I think that’s a pretty good result,” Tanksley said. “A director retired, you had an interim, then a new director, and changes in accounting personnel as well. So not a bad result, all things being equal.”

Tanksley described the audit process as fairly straightforward.

“I’m glad that we, in my mind, are getting to the caught-up point,” Tanksley said.

She hopes to finish the CVB’s audit for fiscal year 2014-2015 before April 20, when she will begin the 2014-2015 audit for the City of Natchez.

“I’m the Pollyanna of the accounting world,” Tanksley said. “There’s always hope.”

On Tuesday, the Natchez Board of Aldermen moved to request the state auditor perform an audit of the CVB’s finances as part of its investigation into recent personnel concerns.

Natchez Convention Promotion Commission Chairman David Gammill said he has not heard from the city on the matter in an official capacity, but intends to cooperate with the state auditor.

“Obviously I think, to whatever extent, we need to facilitate working with the state auditor’s office,” Gammill said. “We’re more than happy to do that.”

Gammill questioned whether the city could request an audit into the CVB, as they are separate entities.

Commissioner Virginia Benoist moved Gammill and secretary-treasurer Dennis Switzer be given the authority to decide whether the commission should follow the city’s request with the commission’s own invitation to the state auditor. The motion passed unanimously.