Voters fed up with mistrust in government

Published 12:23 am Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Call it a coincidence or call it a tide of disgust. Whatever you call it, the wave of anti-incumbent support locally seems as a powerful as a tsunami.

With Saturday’s run-off elections in Concordia Parish, voters there have now ousted both incumbent mayors from Vidalia and Ferriday.

Voters also tossed all but one incumbent on the Vidalia board of aldermen.

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Clearly, the level of mistrust and desire for transparent, approachable government representatives is reaching a fever pitch locally.

While we may or may not agree with the various selections, watching the democratic process at work is truly impressive.

Our system of government isn’t perfect. Campaign finances are often a wreck. The actual process of campaigning can be nasty and divisive, but at the end of the day — mostly at least — the voice of the people is heard.

As Natchez municipal elections near beginning next month, incumbents would be wise to take note of the mood of the community and ask themselves, “Am I still genuinely working for the people who elected me or have I become numb and a bit callous to the concerns of my collective bosses?”

The parish elections and even the national presidential campaign are indicating that voters are fed up with the status quo and seek a responsive and compassionate government.

We believe firmly voters are fed up because of the private, backroom deals and the “we know better than the voters” attitude often so pervasive with long-term politicians.

We hope the tide of disgust cleans the dirty spots of government and allows a renewed sense of ownership and trust in what remains.