County should not have taken down the flag

Published 12:00 am Sunday, April 17, 2016

Take down the flag?

I am a born and raised Natchezian, and I must say it saddens me to no end that Adams county decided to take down the state flag. A city that thrives on Civil War history seems to be cutting its own throat. Anyone who ever learned anything abut the civil war knows the war was not about slavery, but about the right of the states to govern themselves, much like the American revolution was to the US. The abolition of slavery was simply a side issue of the war. Slavery would have died in time anyway because it was holding us back economically. The biggest surprise to me is that someone in the garden club doesn’t understand the very thing they stand for. I do most of my shopping in Natchez, but Brookhaven is looking better to me every day.


Marcus Cothren