Alcorn to unveil new scoreboard

Published 12:29 am Sunday, May 15, 2016

LORMAN — Alcorn State head football coach Fred McNair hit the recruiting trail this week, and he added a fresh bullet point to his recruiting pitch.

The university announced the construction of a new scoreboard that will be up and running by the 2016 season kicks off. The jumbotron will measure 65×25 feet, will feature a 10 millimeter pixel pitch and a high-quality 1952×736 resolution. The project will make Alcorn State the owners of the largest scoreboard in the SWAC.

“It’s been in progress for a while,” McNair said. “To talk about the scoreboard when you’re meeting with recruits means a lot. We use that as a recruiting tool. Having one of the biggest jumbotrons in the SWAC really excites kids when you’re recruiting them.”

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An Alcorn State press release said the Foundation’s Development, LLC has contracted with Laurel-based Capturion Network, LLC, to construct and operate the new scoreboard.

The existing scoreboard is expected to be demolished by early June.

“Construction is scheduled to start by mid-June,” Ward said. “Right now, we have the board being assembled and manufactured.”

ASU Foundation Executive Director Marcus Ward said the school funded the project with an investment from the ASU Foundation’s Development, LLC. The affiliated foundation raises money on the school’s behalf for various projects related to academics, facilities or athletics.

Ward outlined several good reasons Alcorn State decided to move forward with this particular project, aside from recruiting.

“It enhances the fan experience and allows us to reach out to new markets and get new fans on board to grow our program and the funding of our program,” Ward said. “There are more fan engagement opportunities (at games). You see things like “kiss cams,” we now can create more engagement opportunities, such as that.”

Ward said the scoreboard will also feature a better sound system to accompany the improved display.

“(With the previous scoreboard) if the band was playing, you probably couldn’t hear what the PA announcer was saying,” Ward said.

McNair said he anticipates players will be able to view replays of in-game highlights and the sound system to add to the atmosphere of a game at The Reservation.

“It enhances the way kids come on to the field and you can watch replays during the game,” McNair said. “It helps them feel at home.”