Thanks to church group for progress on recreation

Published 12:00 am Friday, May 27, 2016

Thankfully, good hearts can beat out good intentions all day long. That premise was proven this week with the finalized agreement between the Natchez-Adams County Recreation Commission and a seemingly unconventional partner — a church group.

Leave it to the men of God to do what politicians struggled to do — get recreation moving at the much discussed bean field property next to Natchez High School.

In a unique arrangement, the Iron Men group, sponsored by the First Baptist Church of Natchez, entered into an agreement to pre-develop the site for the recreation.

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Originally, the site was going to be bid out for agricultural use — basically a farmer would pay a small fee to simply use the land temporarily — but the alternative agreement is much better for the community.

When the deal is signed, the Iron Men will make sure the field is cut and then try to start doing some of the initial dirt work that will eventually be required for a community-wide recreation complex.

The group’s spokesman, Leo Joseph II, summed up the Iron Men’s plan for the site well by saying, “If that means keeping the grass cut for kids to use it as practice fields or to go out there and fly a kite, we are willing to do that.”

Those volunteers understand the value of recreation, and we’re quite thankful for the group’s willingness to step up and lead.