The Dart: Mother, son start summer on playground

Published 12:06 am Monday, May 30, 2016

NATCHEZ — When The Dart found 4-year-old Davion Wilson and his mother, Deneka, Wednesday on Creek Street, they were playing with a friend’s puppy at the Osceola Neighborhood Park.

Wilson, who lives in the Broadmoor area, said she normally takes her son to Duncan Park, but she was visiting a friend, Te’Aira Primm, and her miniature schnauzer mix, Boss.

Davion had recently finished the Head Start program for the summer, and he wanted to play baseball or basketball, but he was having to settle for the slides, swings and the dinosaur ride that day.

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“He just told me yesterday he wanted to play baseball because he saw all the kids in the uniforms at Duncan Park,” she said. “He loves the swings and the slides and being outdoors.

“He really likes when I push him on the swing.”

Wilson said she thought the Head Start program was good for children. After all, she had been in it and had some of the same teachers Davion had.

Wilson said the Head Start program is friendly to parents.

“When I would go visit, they were always learning something,” she said. “I would encourage parents to let their kids try the program.”

Davion is getting speech lessons at Head Start.

“Before, he was not speaking very clearly, but he has gotten a lot better,” Wilson said. “I was worried about him. He had his two front teeth pulled early.”

It was so bad, Wilson said, that you could not understand him. But Davion was speaking pretty clearly on Wednesday.

“School is good,” he said. “I like my teachers, Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Calvin.”

Though he mentioned the slide at the Osceola Neighborhood Park was a little broken up top and needed attention, Davion said he still had a great time at the park.

“It is good,” he said. “I like the swings and slides. And the dinosaur.”