The Dart: Triplets’ bond rooted in their uniqueness

Published 12:00 am Monday, June 6, 2016

NATCHEZ — Faith, Hope and Joy are more than just virtues — they’re triplets.

When The Dart fell on Peachtree Drive last week, Faith, Hope and Joy Gutter were spending some quality time with their grandparents.

The girls’ grandfather, Samuel Malone, said the 9 year olds normally spend three days a week at their Natchez house during the summer vacation.

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In the fall, the trio will start the fourth grade at Vidalia Upper Elementary.

One of the best things about the visits, Hope said, are the regular bowling tournaments.

“I beat him last time,” Hope said, indicating her grandfather.

The triplets’ grandmother, Chris Malone, said Hope and Faith are identical — and they show it.

“Last week, Hope’s tooth was loose and it was hurting Faith,” she said. “We run into a lot of stuff like that.”

The two identical sisters occasionally speak at the same time, they said — simultaneously.

“Stop copying me!” Hope said to her sister.

“Well, stop reading my mind,” Faith replied.

Samuel Malone said Joy’s independence was evident from the day they were born.

As the three lay in their cradles at the hospital, he said, Faith and Hope kept generally kept their eyes closed.

“But Joy was just staring up at us,” he said. “She would follow you with her eyes around the room. It was amazing.”

Joy continues to reinforce her uniqueness, preferring reading to her sisters’ favorite subjects of math and science.

Their grandfather was quick to point out, however, that all three girls are straight-A students.

Chris Malone said the three are sweet, well-mannered children, but occasionally have spats — what she called “female problems.”

“They take care of each other, though,” she said. “(It’s) been like that always.”