Bright Future: Vidalia High valedictorian doesn’t wait long to get back to books

Published 12:19 am Wednesday, June 8, 2016

VIDALIA —Vidalia High School valedictorian Ajah Williams decided she didn’t need a summer break.

The 18-year-old enrolled early at Louisiana State University as a summer scholar.

“It gives me the opportunity to adjust to the campus before thousands of other students arrive,” Williams said. “I will also earn six more college hours and take leadership development workshops.”

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Though Williams said she is happy she is getting a chance to be on campus before the masses arrive, she chose LSU because it is big.

“It has a completely different environment from Vidalia but in a good way,” she said. “I decided that I would not be happy at a smaller college.

“I need to live in a city where I can grow as a person. No doubt, Baton Rouge will do just that.”

Going into senior year, Williams said she had a good idea she would be the valedictorian because at the end of each year, when each student received his or her ranking, she was always No. 1.

“I never liked to tell anyone because I am such a humble person,” Williams said. “I wanted to wait to tell everyone once I received the official rankings at the end of senior year.”

During high school, Williams was the president of the student council and the class of 2016. She was also an active member of Key Club, where she earned many community service hours, and was a dancer for both the Viking Elites and the Concordia Parish School Board.

“I truly love to be involved in school activities and local events,” she said. “I joined these clubs so that I can be well–rounded.”

Williams said she had a strategy for staying on top of her grades.

“I studied ahead of the assigned work,” she said. “For example, whenever my class would start a new chapter, I read before my teacher would actually begin to teach it.”

While some of her desire to excel was personal — to set a good example for others — but Williams said she also had a great support system. She is the daughter of Yolanda and Jeffery Williams.

“My family constantly encouraged me to never settle for less, and that is what I did,” she said. “To me, it is important to build future role models for the Miss-Lou area because it is such a small area.

“I push myself to set a positive example for the students at Vidalia High School especially.”

Williams is ready to attend college, but she’s also going to miss a lot about Vidalia High School.

“Honestly, I will miss high school dearly,” she said. “I will miss prom and homecoming especially.”

Williams is majoring in biochemistry, and she said that comes natural.

“Most of my family is involved in the medical field, and science comes very easy to me,” she said. “ I love any branch of science because I can rely on facts to support myself.

Ultimately, Williams said she wants to go to medical school and become a radiologist or anesthesiologist.

“I understand how difficult it is just to be accepted,” she said. “But, if a medical school accepts me, imagine how big of an accomplishment that is for a small-town girl.

“My achievement will influence so many young students here to work hard.”