Prayer has power to change things

Published 12:02 am Thursday, July 14, 2016

In the past week, our City of Natchez and our American nation have been attacked by evil. Evil is a spirit that has to have some kind of foundation on which to operate.

Evil decides to work inside two policemen’s minds in the city of Baton Rouge, in one policeman in St. Paul, Minnesota, and a man in Dallas. Our own city has had a number of shootings. All of these incidents are acts of evil.

The Devil knows who to use in order to kill and destroy. These people who have committed these evil acts have been evil-minded for some time and they carried out the mission of the Devil that leads to two people killed by policemen and five policemen killed by an ex-soldier.

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Everyone is pointing fingers at each other by shifting the blame on what has happened. But no one has recognized the fact that the Devil is in control of their minds. The Bible speaks clearly of the days and time in which we are living. I applaud Mayor Darryl Grennell for stepping up to the plate and calling a prayer service.

We as a community must come together as one body of people and pray. Our policemen need our support, but most of all, they need Jesus Christ in their lives. Prayer changes things and Jesus Christ is the only one who can change people, places and things.

The Devil is too powerful for us, as a people, to handle. God can and God will put Satan in his place, which is back in the pits of Hell where he belongs. People of God, let’s pray now for our city, for our policemen, our young people and most of all, for our hurting nation that is in so much pain from all that has happened. It is my prayer that God bring unity, peace, love and harmony among all races of people that we will live together as one nation under God. I pray blessings upon all people.

Thank You and May God Bless You.

Clarence Anderson Jr.

Natchez Resident