Serious discussion of curfew for bars needed

Published 12:01 am Thursday, July 14, 2016

We must stop the pervasive culture of violence in our community. In the last few weeks far too many shots have been fired in anger.

Fortunately, those shootings have not resulted in the loss of life. But each certainly could have taken the lives of not only the intended victims, but also of innocent bystanders.

We appreciate that the local bar owners’ association is discussing ways to curtail the violence. That is particularly important since at least some of the violence seems to stem from patrons leaving their establishments.

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Clearly, trying to find a perfect balance between allowing bars to operate as the market demands and as safety and common sense would dictate is difficult.

As much as we dislike unnecessary government regulation, it is time to have a serious, open and frank discussion of setting up a countywide curfew for bars and nightclubs.

Doing this might help and avoid major injury or a death that could ruin many lives.

If closing all bars at a reasonable hour would save a single life or avoid a single, life-changing shooting, the change would be worth it.

We need to involve local law enforcement in our conversations. They will offer help to us that may enable them to better police our community.

We as a community need to work together to end the violence. Law-abiding citizens need to step up and support measures to end and control further violent outbursts.

Our community and its people deserve no less.