Ferriday placed under boil water notice

Published 12:39 pm Friday, August 5, 2016

FERRIDAY — Water customers in Ferriday have been issued a boil-water notice pending results of testing by the health department declaring the water safe.

The boil-water notice was issued Friday morning.

A spokesperson for the Ferriday Water Department said the notice was issued because the town needs to repair a bad valve and a cracked water main, conditions that may have led to water of questionable microbiological quality.

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All Ferriday water customers are recommended to disinfect water by boiling it, including water used in the production of ice, fountain drinks, food preparation and daily hygienic uses such as tooth brushing.

Bringing water to a roiling boil for one full minute in a clean container can serve to effectively disinfect it, the spokesman said.

The boil-water notice will remain in effect until the Office of Public Health’s State Regional Laboratory tests samples that have been collected from the water supply and declares them safe.