NASD helps displaced students get to school

Published 12:00 am Saturday, August 27, 2016

NATCHEZ — The Natchez-Adams School District is assisting in getting Crosby children displaced by recent flooding back to the Wilkinson County School District each day.

NASD Interim Superintendent Fred Butcher said the district is bussing the students to Sibley in the mornings, where they are being picked up by a Wilkinson County bus and taken to school.

“We thought it was best for the students so they wouldn’t have to change teachers,” Butcher said. “They have already been through enough — it was the least we could do.”

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Adams County Emergency Management Director Robert Bradford said the county’s safe room, which is expected to close on Tuesday, has approximately 10 children — mostly elementary age — remaining. Approximately 20 total people are left at the shelter, Bradford said, all of them from Crosby.

Bradford said the families are finding temporary housing in Natchez and Fayette.

The last of the displaced people from Louisiana left Friday, Bradford said.

Torrential rains in Louisiana and south Mississippi earlier this month created historic crests in area rivers, which forced people out of their houses in the Crosby area.

At the flooding’s height, as many as 85 people were at the shelter, the majority of them from Crosby.