Lawyer gets suspended sentence for attacking parish district attorney

Published 12:01 am Thursday, September 1, 2016

VIDALIA — After being convicted of simple battery in connection with a 2015 attack against Seventh Judicial District Attorney Brad Burget in the parish judge’s chambers, a Baton Rouge attorney was given a six-month suspended sentence Wednesday.

Judge Chet Traylor, a retired supreme court justice, ordered Felix “Andy” Anthony DeJean IV to pay $500 in court costs, an evaluation fee of $9,462,50 and a $40 monthly probation fee for 18 months. DeJean will have to report with the appointed probation officer once every six months.

DeJean was also ordered to continue anger management treatment.

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“You are now master of your own fate,” Traylor said. “Blow it, and it is on you.”

Defense attorney Kevin Stockstill of Lafayette said he and his client would still be going forward with a civil case in Concordia Parish alleging Burget was the aggressor of the incident, not DeJean. The case will be scheduled at a later date.

DeJean was found guilty on July 14 of simple battery against Burget in connection to an incident occurring in Judge Kathy Johnson’s office in March, 2015.

“I’m just glad it has concluded,” Burget said. “Justice has been served.”

Burget testified in July DeJean insulted him as they were exiting the judge’s chambers before chest bumping him twice. Burget said he was first pinned against a door and the second attack trapped his right arm.

Burget said he also felt pressure being applied to his abdomen as if he were being punched, but he was not in a position to see it.

Burget said he used his left hand to grab DeJean by the throat and push him away from him. DeJean then fell over some of the chairs in the judge’s chambers.

Leading up to the altercation, Burget said DeJean had been threatening him, but Burget said he thought DeJean was speaking about defeating him in trial.

DeJean testified he never touched Burget but he had been getting under the district attorney’s skin since the mistrial of a client DeJean represented.

DeJean said he had been goading Burget during the post-trial conference and when they moved to leave, Burget grabbed DeJean by the throat. While being choked, DeJean said he lost his footing and fell into the chairs.

Prosecuting attorney Kristine Russell said testimony from Judge Kathy Johnson, Assistant District Attorney Ann Siddall and two judge’s office employees more closely aligned with Burget’s statement.

Lafourche Parish District Attorney Cam Morvant and Russell handled the prosecution for the state.