Adams County Correctional Center guard arrested in connection with contraband investigation

Published 1:22 am Tuesday, October 18, 2016


NATCHEZ  — An Adams County Correctional Center guard was arrested Monday in connection with a contraband investigation at the prison.

Chelsea Woods, 20, of Fayette, was charged with introduction of contraband into a jail facility and conspiracy to commit a crime.

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Sheriff Travis Patten said Woods, a guard at the privately owned prison, allegedly sneaked plastic water bottles containing different types of alcoholic beverages into the facility on more than one occasion.

Juan Jimenez, 32, an inmate at the prison, was charged Friday with two counts of bribery and two counts of conspiracy in connection with the investigation.

Adams County Correctional Center spokeswoman Emilee Beach said the outcome of the investigation was a result of a joint effort between Corrections Corportation of America and the Adams County Sheriff’s Office.

“Maintaining the safety and security of CCA correctional facilities is our top priority, and CCA has a strict, zero-tolerance policy regarding contraband in its facilities,” she said in a statement. “We support prosecution to the fullest extent of the law for anyone found to have participated in attempts to introduce contraband into a secure correctional facility. We appreciate the efforts and support of the Adams County Sheriff’s Office.”