Mr. Trump will make country great

Published 12:49 am Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Here we go again, the old double standard that does not apply to any Democrat.

How many thousands of people and millions of dollars has the Clinton campaign hired and spent to find one ounce of mud to smear Mr. Trump in this presidential campaign? I could employ 10 people at the cost of one six-pack each and find 100 times more true mud to print about the Clintons.

MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS and all of the other Communist news channels jump at the chance to smear anyone they don’t agree with. Note: There is a “C” in all of these channels and Communist has a “C” also! This disagrees with all conservative Republicans and independents, except for the few Benedict Arnold-types who side with those liberal nuts.

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Mr. Cooper, your Sunday article (published on Oct. 9) is a well-written article with good meaning. The problem is that you missed the real meaning of what any straight red-blooded American male may say, which would sound exactly the same as Mr. Trump’s statement of 11 years ago: “Can you tell me that in your youth that you have never made a similar statement while hanging around the boys?”

Straight people (both men and women) have thoughts exactly the same as Mr. Trump, never meaning to take any actions on their thoughts. Have you ever heard a rooster crow in a chicken pen? President Bill Clinton did a lot of crowing, but was caught with his finger in the cookie jar! Mrs. Clinton knew of many of these “episodes” of her husband. Where was she then, or now, to point a finger at him? Talk is one thing, action on those thoughts are another. Just ask Monica.

I believe that being the businessman that Mr. Trump is, he can count to 20 trillion. I have yet to meet a Democrat that I believe can count that high or give a damn if they can! (See the national debt, Democrats.)

Mr. Cooper, your article and my letter will probably have little meaning as far as the outcome of the Louisiana and Mississippi presidential election results. Mr. Trump will win these states easily. I have much respect for you and your family. I have friends that disagree with me (not many). I do not appreciate the constant articles from these modern day “carpetbaggers” from Pennsylvania and their extreme leftist views. We in the South have little in common with those people. They don’t know the South. I don’t want to know them.

I want America to be great again. More debt, more welfare, more illegal immigrants, less jobs, less manufacturing, less military and a worse economy will not accomplish this. If this presidential vote is down to the lesser of two evils, then let us be honest about who is the least evil. Mr. Trump will never be a Reagan, but he won’t be a Clinton or Obama.

Mrs. Clinton will be a continuation of President Obama’s failed policies to anybody (Wall Street included) to get her power and day in office. To hell with the future of the people and this country.

Instead of this petty “name calling”  about a careless comment of one candidate, let us focus on what the real issues are with the problems this country faces. Mrs. Clinton will not fix any of these problems.

Mr. Trump may not be able to fix all of them, but at least he has a plan that differs from the current administration.

Has anyone figured out why President Obama did not pick Mrs. Clinton for his vice president? What a powerhouse that might have been at election time. He may have believed that this fate might be similar to some of the Clinton “associates” in Arkansas, or Mrs. Clinton’s emails.

The end of this election should result in both candidates wearing a “P” on their suits. Mr. Trump with the word president on the front of his, Mrs. Clinton with the word prisoner on the back of hers.
Morgan White

Ferriday resident