Trump would be model president

Published 12:00 am Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Natchez Democrat has lived up to its name as a supporter and propagandist for the National Democratic Party. Feigning great indignation at the illegally obtained video of Donald Trump’s comments 11 years ago, Kevin Cooper has turned his paper into a completely biased propaganda machine similar to Dr. Goebbel’s in the 1930s and 1940s. The people of this community should have a better media representative that reports the truth rather than lies from Democratic National Committee surrogates and its editor.

The truth of the matter is that the Republican candidate for president is acting as what he has been, a businessman who talks with and empathizes with his blue-collar workers. He is going to say things that any blue-collar worker would say in identical circumstances. (One of my good friends at age 86 still talks the same ways about his sexual prowess. He is well-regarded in the community and no one thinks badly about him.) So what about Mr. Trump? His statement was coarse and raw, but it was not meant to be stated in any public arena. It was a private boasting conversation with others that were boasting of their accomplishments as well. So what?

Mr. Trump is coming from the people, not the elite of this country. He has presented himself as a common man who has made a lot of money and who will represent the common men and women of the country. He wants to bring about changes that will reverse the socialization of the present administration, create an atmosphere conducive to the creation of thousands of new businesses, lower the taxes on the middle class, support the Constitution of this country by appointing common-sense justices to the Supreme Court, conducting a foreign policy that secures our country, limits immigration to those will respect our values, rebuild our armed forces so that no country or terror group will think about attacking us, and make America respected again in the world.

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Now look at who has been chosen to run as the Democrat candidate. Hillary would continue to ruin the country with Obamacare, more and more restrictive regulations with Al Gore advising her. With the thousands of Obama regulations already on the books, no business can be established today and succeed unless sponsored by the Democratic Party. If the business tries to use common sense, it could be shut down with hundreds of regulations violations. She wants to run established energy companies out of business and provide unlimited grants to start-ups supported by Al Gore. Her government will be even more corrupt than Obama’s, whose actions over the past nine years have been mind-boggling. She will continue the foreign policies of Obama that always put America last. The American taxpayers will subsidize hundreds of little countries around the world through the United Nations, through global warming gifts and donations, and through her misguided decisions and mistakes continuing as before. She will double or triple the national debt with socialist programs termed as entitlements. She will make the Supreme Court a liberal-Socialist nightmare, and Obama may become her first nominee to the court.

Now let us look at her character. She will be bringing into the White House her spouse, who was the 42nd president of this country. During his career as president, he ran a White House that had free women running into his bedroom and her bedroom every night, according to Secret Service reports. Hillary was a terror in the White House at nights with her screaming at Bill and at Secret Service agents. A state highway patrol officer in Arkansas stated that the Clintons were ruthless. What a catastrophe it would be for this country if Hillary becomes President!

Mr. Trump is not a smooth, cultured politician. He is a man of the people though, similar to Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln. Abe Lincoln, you say? Yes, Abe. He ran and became a U.S. congressman in 1856 as a No Name Party candidate. If you recall, the No Name Party was a party of bigots, against the Irish, the Italians and the Indians. (Only Anglo-Saxons should have the vote!) In 1860, he was nominated by the newly organized Republican Party, the group that wanted to save the republic from seceding states. Mr. Trump, if he becomes president, would as president have all of his words and thoughts studied by experts in their fields before anything would be released to the public. Anyone worried about his rambunctiousness in office should realize that no one would be able to observe that. He would become a model president that would reshape this country for the betterment of its citizens.

Andrew Peabody
Adams County resident