Commissions need to be rebuilt

Published 12:26 am Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Government leaders are only as good as the citizens who elect them and who are involved in helping the greater good move forward.

The leadership in the Town of Vidalia is working on many fronts since taking office a few months ago.

Voters provided the new leaders with a clear mandate for change. All but two incumbent aldermen were ousted, along with the mayor and police chief.

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The new Vidalia team has been chopping through what appears to be a myriad of financial woes over the last few months.

Now they are moving to reengage the community further through an effort to restart several town commissions that have long been defunct.

Commissions staffed by volunteers from the community serve as excellent resources for town aldermen and the mayor.

Presumably these commissions died off in years past through apathy of the members of the commission, the former administration or some combination of the two.

Regardless, we applaud the town’s leadership for seeing the flaw in having commissions that do not regularly meet, do not have active members and generally do not do anything productive.

As the town regains its feet, we are confident that the hard work going into rebuilding these town commissions will be beneficial for years to come.