Shop local to support area economy

Published 12:00 am Saturday, November 26, 2016

As students, most of us were challenged to “think big,” but in reality it’s the small things in life that matter most.

Saturday, we encourage everyone to not only “think small” but also “shop small.”

Now in its seventh year of existence, American Express’ Small Business Saturday event will be marked tomorrow.

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The goal was simple: Encourage people across the Untied States to shop small at local businesses.

In our rushed, modern world, ordering goods from far away online sites and having the items show up, almost magically, at your doorstep is tempting and convenient.

The challenge with this is it takes money outside our community.

Small businesses are the backbone of America, and it’s particularly true in Natchez, where a myriad of long-time, family-owned businesses exist.

From restaurants to grocery stores, gift shops to car dealerships, your spending in the area is important, both to the businesses you patronize as well as the community as a whole.

Dollars spent locally help fund our law enforcement and fire departments as well as pay for the roads on which we drive daily.

Money staying within the community is important as those dollars roll around our community in more ways than you might first imagine.

We urge you to assess your needs — both for normal everyday items as well as Christmas gifts — and find a way to spend locally as much as you can. Spending locally is a much-needed investment in our community.