Ferriday mayor should lead first

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Town of Ferriday faces many, many headwinds. That’s news to no one familiar with the place.

But what it sorely needs is open, honest leadership.

Members of the town’s council are rarely available for public comment and in the past they’ve openly argued vociferously about what often seem like petty differences.

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We had high hopes that when new Ferriday Mayor Sherrie Jacobs was elected earlier this year some of the town’s challenges might improve.

We looked forward to straightforward, direct and open communication from Jacobs.

What’s occurred has been far less than ideal and disappointing for all of the folks — including us — that want Ferriday to regain its positive momentum.

Instead, the public is still being kept from information they need to know.

Rumors have abounded that Ferriday Police Chief Arthur Lewis has been suspended. Several confidential sources have affirmed they believe the rumors true.

Regardless of the situation with Lewis, Jacobs’ handling of it leaves much to be desired.

Rather than commenting, she told a reporter — who represents the greater public — that she simply could not confirm or deny the accusation and hung up.

She could have commented, but appears to have chosen not to. Why, we don’t know, but leaders must lead, even when it involves personnel matters and even if they fear commenting may cause legal trouble down the road.

Lead first, communicate what is actually going on and worry about fallout down the road.

We hope Jacobs will soon tell the public about Lewis’ status and be less evasive the next time a problem arises.