Join NAPAC to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.

Published 12:00 am Thursday, January 12, 2017

Monday is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day. A variety of activities to honor Dr. King and celebrate his birthday will be held in Natchez and throughout this nation.

One of these activities of special importance is the “I Have A Dream Youth Luncheon.” The luncheon is hosted annually by the Natchez Association for the Preservation of Afro-American Culture (NAPAC). Along with a delicious lunch, this year’s program will provide entertainment by the superb youth talent from the Miss-Lou area. We are very excited to have a dynamic youth speaker, Destiny Addae. Destiny is 11 years old, and she is a 6th grade student at Trinity Episcopal Day School.

This year’s theme, Dream with a Vision, Live with a Purpose, personifies Dr. King’s life. As a champion against social injustice, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. centered his life’s work around, bringing different cultures together and advancing mankind. Dr. King was a civil rights leader who preached strongly against the mistreatment of black Americans and other people of color. He spoke out against all forms of hatred and inequality and encouraged his listeners to ignore skin color and love all people. Moreover, Dr. King encouraged nonviolence. Today, people of all races in America claim freedom. In our modern society, education serves as the platform for the advancement of all people. An educated and enlightened society makes better decisions, works for the common good and understands and appreciates the need to return and do something good for those who are less fortunate.

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In an effort to live up to the ideals of Dr. King and to fulfill its mission, NAPAC hopes that the luncheon will inform our youth of the struggle and the values of Dr. King. Dr. King left us a legacy of hope, and NAPAC wants to remind the children of Dr. King’s dream. More importantly, NAPAC wants them to remember that Dr. King and many others paid the ultimate price; they gave their lives in the struggle for justice and equality.

Last year, 2016, was unforgettable for many reasons, and as we move forward in this historic year, we hope that this luncheon will be our largest and the most memorable. Therefore, we are calling on all youths throughout the Miss-Lou area, to attend the Martin Luther King “I Have A Dream Youth Luncheon” in record numbers. The luncheon will begin at 10 a.m. at the Natchez Convention Center. Please support the luncheon through your churches, organizations and schools or as an individual. The cost of the luncheon is $11 per person. To ensure getting a seat, please call Mary White at 601-446-5601, Flora Terrell at 601-446-5218 or Juanita Jones at 601-446-5752. Make all checks payable to NAPAC.

Thank you for your cooperation and generous support in the past. We know that you will enjoy and benefit from participating in the 2017 “I Have A Dream Youth Luncheon!” It is not too late to get your tickets. Please call and make your reservation today. We look forward to seeing you on Monday.

Juanita Jones is a NAPAC board member.