Sometimes a good whack is best

Published 1:46 am Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Someone recently summed up his party, the Democrats, by saying, “We stopped protecting people and started to protect feelings.” In my opinion, this is an awesome statement that explains poor parenting, political correctness, welcoming immigrants, police brutality, school dropouts, legal marijuana; I could go on and on.

Emerging from this era of American history are the children who grew up during these times called “millennials”. They are sometimes referred to as the “children of time outs and getting trophies for participating.” As adults, many are for the first time facing competition and failure that is completely new and frustrating to them.

Many millennials seem to be repulsed by the real world and wish to own “their space” in an effort to avert themselves from it. Some universities have realized the numbers who wish to seek asylum from their frustrating world and, with dollar signs in their eyes, teach such things as how men should prevent being masculine.

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Many older adults seem to be caught up in these feelings of this younger generation and cannot accept the failure of losing the presidential election, for example. They riot and rally, and make fools of themselves. It’s not clear to me what they want and what they intend to gain. One state, California, even wants to secede from the union. Crazy!

Perhaps we have learned a valuable lesson from all of this — a good whack on the butt of a child may be the best form of discipline. I am not encouraging beating or whacks for minor infractions, but a whack seems to be good for the kid and for the parent who has told the kid for a thousand times, “Don’t do that.”

It is my hope that common sense will slowly return to America and we will raise our children to be emotionally healthy, productive adults.


Ed Field