Russian hacking should not upset us

Published 1:34 am Wednesday, March 8, 2017

There has been much political ado about the Russians interfering with our November 2016 election, at first by the losers who claimed the election was illegitimate because of it, and then by the Republican winners because they wanted their consciences cleared.

Collusion was claimed by the liberals. The GOP wants their names and efforts cleansed of any wrongdoings. Now the Trump household is claimed to have been wiretapped by the Obama administration which is a step beyond the purported hacking by Russia and its donations of same to Wikileaks.

We could of course look into all of the above charges and countercharges and after investigations decide that there is nothing much that can now be done except to try to guard against such doings in the future.

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But we should at the same time look into and investigate what our government through its CIA has done and how  it, through its accomplishments, has changed the governments of the Ukraine in 2013 and also the changes the CIA was able to accomplish in the countries of Panama, El Salvador and Nicaragua earlier.

Why are we so upset over the hacking of the Russians when we had caused the Russians to lose partial control over the Ukraine in 2013? Why do we not acknowledge our meddling in other countries affairs, which goes all the way back to 1803 when we instigated a change of government in Libya. How about our invasion of Florida and its addition to our union by Andrew Jackson? And our invasion of Cuba and the Phillipines back in 1898? Or the meddling by our CIA that caused the Vietnam War?

I would suggest that we should not be upset by the hacking of the Russians as it was extremely mild compared to what the United States has done in the past. The result of the hacking merely pointed out that Democrat Party officials were corrupt, a point that most Americans already knew and those that didn’t were educated by it.

The wiretapping on the other hand simply reinforces the policies that the U. S. Government has done with impunity in the past. We have no cause to be affronted over the Russians behavior. However, we should thoroughly cleanse our own behavior by taking our CIA to task and those responsible for the wiretapping should indeed be investigated and if found to be guilty, indicted and tried in the courts. The FBI Director stated that his agency was not involved as did Mr. Clapper, the Obama NSA Director. But since Mr. Clapper has already perjured himself before Congress, we can assume that either the NSA or one of a dozen other Obama administration agencies were involved. Mr. Obama has declared also that he was not involved, but his past has been filled with lies. Whenever Mr. Trump makes a statement about an occurrence, he has always been found to have told the truth sooner or later.

Andrew Peabody is a Natchez resident.