We should say ‘Enough’ on crime

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 9, 2017

Criminals are, by nature, brazen. When they succeed in getting away with one crime, they usually get embolden to commit another, then another.

Our community has seen a prime example of this during a recent crime spree.

For the fourth time in a week, a convenience store clerk was robbed at gunpoint Tuesday night.

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Police have arrested one man and charged him with one of the robberies, but have eliminated him as a suspect in the others.

So far the masked gunman has managed to steal hard-earned money from local business owners and terrified store clerks in the process.

Fortunately, none of those who have been robbed have been injured.

But the reality is that when guns are drawn, anyone nearby could be hurt, including the convenience store clerks, store patrons or the gunman.

Rarely do criminals work in a complete vacuum. Someone near the robber knows what’s happening or is suspicious.

Those people are as guilty as the man brandishing the pistol if they do not call law enforcement authorities and share what they know or what they suspect.

We urge residents to say, “Enough,” and get involved in cleaning up our community. We have no place for criminals without regard for the lives and property of others.

When this person is ultimately caught, we hope the justice system throws the proverbial book at him.