Board needs to refocus its mission

Published 12:58 am Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Natchez-Adams School Board needs a quick refocus on its core mission.

The board is considering a new policy aimed at trying to get the district’s employees more focused on the political process in our community, state and nation.

Although stopping short of requiring district employees to register to vote — which would be against the law — the policy aims at encouraging them to do so.

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While we appreciate the notion that the district is better when community-minded people, engaged in the democratic process are active in the school district, getting that is not a matter of policy, but one of education.

Rather than focusing on a policy, district leaders would simply be better served to talk about the importance of being a good citizen and voting.

That discussion would be best given to district workers as well as students and parents.

Trying to skirt around the margins of the law and encourage behavior of employees should not be something district leaders spend much time, particularly given the academic needs of the district.

Besides, the effort simply looks disingenuous as the district is simultaneously working on a project to construct new school buildings, which may require a public vote of approval for increased taxes.