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Published 12:49 am Friday, March 17, 2017

Sowing in the Spirit Ministries grew in my heart long before the official formation of the non-profit outreach ministry. The sole purpose of Sowing in the Spirit is to provide a “one-stop shop” family community resource center that provides social and economic support to families in need. Through collaborative support of various agencies, it is my desire to strengthen the entire families by providing resources that offer a hsand up while simultaneously enhancing the existing capabilities of each family and its unique family structure. Sowing in the Spirit’s community resource center will serve as a beacon of light that fosters community networking, mobilizes private and public resources and provides educational programming that will assist individuals with realizing their greatest potential. The best part is that its doors will be open to everyone in the local and surrounding communities.

My efforts will not cease once the physical needs of families are properly identified and supported. I believe the holistic approach of serving the whole person, including the spiritual and emotional well-being, will properly prepare individuals to become self-sufficient community contributors who will in turn embrace their neighbors with an “each one, reach one” mentality.

Sowing in the Spirit Ministries models itself after the love and compassion of Jesus Christ as outlined in the Biblical passage of Matthew 25:31-46. My volunteers and I want to make a real difference by touching the lives of people with the love of God in our surrounding communities.

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If you would like more information on how to get involved with this worthwhile organization or if you require the assistance of Sowing in the Spirit Ministries, please contact me at 318-840-9570, Edith Burns at 318-719-9331 or Bertha Jackson at 318-613-4202.

Janice Promise is the founder of Sowing in the Spirit Ministries.