Community remembers former Ferriday police chief

Published 11:58 pm Friday, March 17, 2017


FERRIDAY — Parish law enforcement and residents alike mourned Wednesday the death of former Ferriday Police Chief Johnny M. Evans Sr..

Evans was 65.

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In describing Evans, Concordia Parish Sheriff Kenneth Hedrick repeatedly used words such as dependable, honorable and extremely knowledgeable about the law.

“He was a good man,” Hedrick said. “He was a good, Christian, man. I thought a lot of him.”

When Hedrick, who had been Ferriday Police Chief, ran for sheriff in 2011, Evans finished out Hedrick’s term as chief.

Previously, Evans had been Hedrick’s assistant chief.

“He was already at the department when I was named chief,” Hedrick said. “After I saw what kind of guy he was, I made him my assistant chief.

“He did a great job. Whatever I needed, he could do it. I just really appreciate that guy.”

Ridgecrest mayor Bobby Sheppard was once Ferriday Police Chief. Sheppard said he originally hired Evans, who served in the U.S. Army, to work at the department in 2000 or 2001. Sheppard said Evans came to Ferriday with many years’ experience in law enforcement.

“He was a man of integrity,” Sheppard said. “With a military background, he was the type of person that if he did something, he was going to do it right.

“If I asked Mr. Evans to do something or put him in some type of authority, he would make sure it got done. He was a great guy.”

Sheppard said Evans was also practical. Sheppard said Evans saw very few people were using an older unit in the Ferriday fleet, and Evans told Sheppard he’d take care of it if it could be his unit.

“We were sharing units,” Sheppard said. “But in having that older unit, when he came in, he didn’t have to worry about someone else not doing what they were supposed to do with the unit. It would be ready to go out on patrol when he arrived.

“That stuck with me because nobody else had ever made that type of request of me. I was very impressed with him in reference to asking for the unit in order for him to carry out his duty.”

Even after Sheppard left the department, he kept up with Evans. Sheppard said he was proud of Evans when he was appointed chief.

“I felt like he was well deserved of that position,” Sheppard said. “I felt like he could do the job, and he did do the job well.”

Sheppard said he would also call and check up on Evans recently while he was sick.

“I knew it was cancer,” Sheppard said. “Throughout the whole ordeal, he was a fighter all the way through. He fought it all the way through.”

Evans was chief under one of former Ferriday Mayor Glen McGlothin’s terms.

“I made him chief because I thought he was a good cop and I knew he would do a good job,” McGlothin said. “I trusted him to do right, and he did. I am proud I made that decision.”

When Evans was appointed, Gloria Lloyd was serving on the board.

“I knew him when he was hired as a police officer,” Lloyd said. “He was a good man. He was an honest man. He was a fair man.”

Lloyd said Evans was a good friend as well as a good police officer.

“He went strictly by the book and he showed no favoritism,” Lloyd said. “He did a good job. We will miss him dearly.”

McGlothin said he would remember Evans for his honesty.

“He believed in law and order,” McGlothin said. “Some people took him to be a hard man, but I didn’t. He just had a way about him. He was disciplined person, and that was what he expected of everyone.”

After serving as chief, Evans went on to work with Hedrick again at the Concordia Parish Sheriff’s Office. Hedrick said he started out working as an investigator full time, then when he got sick he only worked part time as a bailiff.

“He was an asset to the parish and the Town of Ferriday,” Hedrick said. “I just appreciate what he did for me. He was a blessing.”

Funeral arraignments for Evans are incomplete at Concordia Funeral Home.