YMCA sets up new sales system at Duncan Park

Published 12:29 am Saturday, March 25, 2017


NATCHEZ — The Natchez YMCA implemented a point of sale system Tuesday at the Duncan Park tennis center.

Natchez YMCA Director Alice Agner said she encouraged tennis members to swing by the center to sign up for the new system, which she said would streamline the service and also enable the YMCA to better track data.

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“Nothing much will change but the way the system works inside the center,” Agner said. “We will be getting members’ email addresses so I can send out email blasts for example if there is a tournament or if there is some issue — like the electricity being out — that would require the center to be closed for the night.”

Natchez-Adams County Recreation Commission Chair Tate Hobdy said he was glad to see the YMCA start to make progress. The Natchez Board of Aldermen approved the point of sale system previously.

“This is a good first step,” Hobdy said, “We are excited that the city is allowing us to try this and implement it. We are going to work to be good partners with the city and make sure that we help run the programs as well as we can and be as fiscally responsible as we can.”

Hobdy said to use the Duncan Park tennis courts, residents are supposed to pay $5 for two hours, or sign up for a monthly or block membership. Hobdy said Agner plans to meet with aldermen Tuesday to discuss membership fees.

Agner said some of the benefits include allowing the center to accept credit cards for payment of merchandise and membership rates. Under the system, membership fees can be automatically drafted on a monthly basis, instead of a member having to pay multiple months at a time.

The system will track usage of the facility — times and days — through a user ID card. Agner said the benefit of this is that informed decisions could be made concerning staffing needs and hours of operation.

Agner said after some trial time at the tennis center, she plans to next implement a point of sale system at the Duncan Park golf center.