Be entertained by The Natchez Strings

Published 12:07 am Friday, March 31, 2017

Five local musicians will present a concert of string music at 4 p.m. Sunday in Stratton Chapel of First Presbyterian Church in downtown Natchez.

I will be joined by Dwain Traylor on violin, David Goldblatt on viola, Tara Bahlmann on cello and Louis DeVries on bass.

We call ourselves The Natchez Strings, but are leaning toward Tara and her Boys in honor of our single female player.

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We are a mixed group of players. I was a music major, but spent most of my life teaching math in Texas, Natchez and Vidalia. Dwain is the CFO of Goldman Equipment. Dr. David Goldblatt is Professor of Piano at Alcorn State University. Tara, a business and music major, is busy overseeing the restoration of several old houses here in Natchez while raising twins. Aside from Dr. Goldblatt, Louis is the closest we have to a professional musician. He was a music major, but spent his life as a librarian. He is currently a bassist with the Baton Rouge and Rapides Symphonies and conducts the St. Joseph Orchestra, as well as being a docent at Longwood.

So often we only get to play short pieces, so we wanted an opportunity to do longer works.

Our program is varied — mostly pieces we had and that we liked. From the Baroque period we will play Vivaldi and Albinoni. The Classical period is represented by a Duo for viola and cello by Beethoven and a Serenade by Haydn. A set of landler by Schubert is from the Romantic period. From more contemporary times we will play a movement from “Palladio” by Karl Jenkins (the deBeers diamond music), the Fugue in A minor by Julius Chajes and a Fandango by Michael McLean.

There is no charge for the concert.

We wish to thank First Presbyterian church for the use of its facilities.

For more information, call Dave Troutman at 601-442-7758.

Dave Troutman is a teacher and a member of The Natchez Strings.