Join county homemaker volunteers

Published 2:20 am Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Adams County Mississippi Homemaker Volunteers hosted a “membership campaign” at the Natchez Mall during Senior Day Tuesday. 

Catherine Williams and Country Lining Clubs participated in the event which had been planned by the Membership  Chairman, Tamara Scales a member of Catherine Williams MHV.

Projects that have been a part of the Adams County MHV Council were displayed and persons were given valuable  information  concerning the projects the council in which members are involved. Just a few of the ones mentioned at the exhibition were dresses and flip flops for girls in Haiti, South  Africa, Nicaragua and Honduras; tote bags for patients at Children’s  Hospital, old eyeglasses for the Lion’ s Club; caps, blankets, diaper shirts, cough pillows, Christmas gift bags and silent layettes for Blair E. Baston Hospital and Ari’s pillowcases  for another state project. 

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Nationally, Christmas bags for the homeless in Dallas and teddy bears for a group in San Diego, Calif., are also ongoing projects.

Locally, throws toiletries, wheel chair bags and socks are collected for the nursing homes. Through the year nonperishable food items and cleaning supplies are donated to the Stewpot. Members are willing to teach basic sewing and crochet if desired.

You can imagine from this list of projects that the group stays busy volunteering in ways that are beneficial to others and  rewarding to eachother. This is why it is so important to recruit members in order to get these and other projects in timely manners.

Many persons at the Natchez Mall came by our table and received information on the MHV Council and hopefully some of them will become members. The office contact number is 601-445-8201 and the office  manager, Penny Rachal, will give you any additional information. If you picked up one of the brochures, you can fill out the enclosed form and mail it to Mississippi Homemaker Volunteers, 75 Carthage Point Road, Natchez, MS 39120.

The council does not meet locally in May and June. The group attends State Council at Mississippi State University in May and twice a year in spring and fall MHV members in nine counties in Southwest Mississippi meet in one of the counties for area meetings.

MHV is not all work. Fun days of fishing and fellowshipping, bowling, walking and just getting together to sort, iron, pack or what ever the needs are all a part of volunteering.

Won’t you join us! We need you very soon!  If attending a meeting is preventing you, we have what is called “mailbox” members.  They receive all information and activities and can even do some o the projects at home .

MYV will be expecting to hear from you.  We will celebrate “ Mississippi Homemaker Volunteer” week , April 17-21 and we are participating in the Blue Ribbon Campaign all month. April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. Theses ribbons were passed out at the Mall Tuesday.

Lillian Clark Edney is president of the Adams County Mississippi Homemaker Volunteers Council.