The Dart: Vidalia woman passionate about painting

Published 12:39 am Monday, April 10, 2017

By Christian Coffman

VISALIA — Visitors to Sheila Seyfarth’s house know one thing — painting is Seyfarth’s passion.

When The Dart landed on Cadet Street in Vidalia, Sheila and her husband Glen Seyfarth were busy cleaning their cars on a sunny day.

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“We’re thinking about going to that car show,” Sheila said.

The Seyfarths were planning to see the Euro Fest Classic European Classic Car and Motorcycle show on the bluff with their 1-year-old granddaughter Avery and other family members.

Life for the couple is filled with daily chores and family obligations. Even still, Sheila said she makes a point of spending time with her paintbrushes each day.

“I’m an artist,” Sheila said. “(Glen) likes to fish, work in the yard and work on houses.”

“I work on little jobs, but sometimes they turn into big ones,” Glen said.

Inside the Seyfarth’s house, some of Sheila’s paintings hang on the wall or rest on shelves among various knick-knacks.

Sheila’s favorite subjects for her art include landscapes, pets and people.

“People are kind of hard to please, so I try not to paint them,” Sheila said, laughing.

Within their frames, many of the oil paintings depict scenes of people picking cotton and rustic dwellings.

Sheila also had a portfolio of pet portraits that she has drawn for people over the years.

“She’s painted pets who have passed away,” Glen said. “They bring a picture of the pet, and she paints them.”

Among the dogs and cats in the portfolio are horses, which are one of Sheila’s favorite subjects to paint.

Sheila said she had different teachers throughout her life who taught her how to paint.

“My mom taught me a lot, and there was a lady in Ferriday who would give me painting classes,” Sheila said.

Although she loves to paint, Sheila says it is not always easy to get herself motivated, but she always finds a way. With Glen’s encouragement, Sheila said she tries to paint for three hours a day.

“I hate to start a painting because I know I’ve got to work on it every day,” Sheila said. “But once I get going, I’m good. I can go ahead and get it done.”