Trinity Episcopal tennis led by experience in 2017 campaign

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, April 18, 2017

A quick survey taken of this season’s Trinity Episcopal tennis team, and perhaps one would find a wide range of characteristics, skills and perspectives with each player adding a different piece to the 13-person puzzle.

Despite the distinct individuality of team, they all have one thing in common — It’s their senior year.

“They are a fun and close class,” Trinity coach Noreen Pyron said. “I’ve been coaching them since some of them were in the seventh grade.”

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On Monday, the group gathered together for one of the last times as a team during a practice on the courts behind the school. With a handful of laughs and a few tears, the senior-unit highlighted some of each other’s most prevalent qualities; all what make them the Saints.

Hunter “Funny-Guy” Yarbrough 

The group voted Yarbrough, as someone who always has a smile on his face. They said he does comical things such as checking to see if anyone is laughing at his bad shots on the court.

“I just don’t care what anyone thinks. That’s the best way to describe it,” he said.

Grant “Serious-Man” Falkenheiner

The group said Falkeneiner often is the most competitive on the team.

The mixed doubles-member said he’s just genuinely passionate.

“I can get pretty frustrated,” he said. “It means I care, I don’t think I’ve ever quit.”

Lucy “Cool, Calm and Collected” Pyron

Lucy is the relaxed half of this year’s mixed doubles, and she said its makes for a good balance.

“You don’t want two quiet people or two hot-headed people together,” she said.

Cole “Most Dedicated” Mosby

The group voted Mosby the Saint with the most school spirit. And while he is chasing his third straight championship for No. 1 singles, if they ever need someone to pick them up, Mosby is always there.

“I just love the sport,” he said. “It the only practice I enjoy, and I don’t mind coming here. It’s just my happy place.”

Madalyn “Mom” Falkenheiner

The group said Madalyn is always the one to bring sunscreen and snacks, often cheering her fellow teammates on from behind the fence.

“I’ve always had it,” she said. “Since high school, it’s gotten worse. They’ve needed it more.”

Mila “Unique-Technique” Robb

Robb was noted for having a special upward swing, which gives an unusual spin on the ball.

“I have the upper body strength of a squirrel,” she said. “I have to use my entire body to serve.”

McKenzie “Adaptable” Smith

The group said Smith is always one to listen and is very coachable. She is known by her teammates to be rather versatile.

“I’m laid back, but can be aggressive too,” she said.

Hannah “Organized” Fitt

The team said Fitt never goes anywhere without a water bottle, and prefers for things to be planned in advance.

“I can’t stand for things not to go in order,” she said.

The remaining members of the team are Alli Smith, Macy Aldridge, Spencer Adams, Cortez Adams and Evan Sanders.

For their coach, the group voted Pyron the “Real MVP.”

Trinity will face WCCA at 3 p.m. at home Wednesday.