Thanks to all who helped with hanging flower baskets

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, April 25, 2017

I hope all of you who have been downtown lately have enjoyed the hanging flower baskets half as much as I have. They bring a smile to my face every time I see them, not only because they are beautiful, but because they represent just what our community can band together and achieve. So many people have contributed time and money to this project, but I’d like to give special thanks to Upton’s Nursery for starting and caring for the plantings until they were ready for the baskets, and also Hollywood Simmons and his changing crews for their diligent watering of them. Be sure and express your gratitude for their efforts when you see them. They take a lot of pride in their work.

Mother Nature has also been a huge help this spring. She’s provided great showers and cool nights, which makes for prolific flowering. Unfortunately though, Mother Nature cannot be counted on for her kindness during the summer months.  High temperatures and long dry spells make it very difficult to keep the flowers looking pretty. Because of this, we are now trying to raise money to purchase self-watering inserts for the baskets. These inserts will cost $50 per basket for 90 baskets — about $4,500. After the inserts are added, the baskets will only need to be watered about every 10 days. This will allow us to purchase more baskets (perhaps to go down Silver Street) when funds are available, because the city will have time freed up to water them.

As always, donations in any amount are greatly appreciated. We want every Natchezian who takes pride in the beauty of our town to be a part of this project.  If you wish to contribute, please make your check to Garden Lovers of Natchez and mail it to 58 Duncan Avenue. Your donation is tax deductable. If you would like it to be a memorial or to honor someone, be sure and give us the name and address of the person or family you wish us to notify. This service will be ongoing, so remember the fund for future memorials and gifts.

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At this time, I want to also give a special thanks to the businesses and individuals who have agreed to give an annual donation of $500. Their pledges will insure that there will be ongoing funds for the planting and upkeep of the baskets. The Garden Lovers of Natchez will continue to do the planting and oversee the project. Hopefully with faithful allegiance to this project, our great grandchildren will also be in “awe” at our achievements.

Annual donors, who will have a special place on the plaque to go on the bluff, are listed below. There is still time if you wish to participate, so let me know soon if you are interested.

Gold Star Annual Donors: Sharon and Mike Blattner, Connie and Pat Burns, Callon Petroleum Company, Concordia Bank and Trust, Marcia and John McCullough, Natchez Convention Center, Natchez Grand Hotel, Judy and Cappy Stahlman, Ann and Randy Tillman, Town and Country Farm and Hardware, United Mississippi Bank
Marcia McCullough is the chairman of the Hanging Baskets Fund for the Garden Lovers of Natchez.