Man charged in dog fighting ring

Published 10:47 pm Friday, May 12, 2017


NATCHEZ — Adams County deputies rescued 14 dogs from an alleged dog-fighting ring Thursday within the Natchez city limits and have charged the man they believe responsible.

Sheriff Travis Patten said deputies responded to an anonymous call at approximately 6:30 p.m. that dog fighting was taking place at 507 Lasalle St., where Charoyd Henrence Bell, 36, was arrested and charged with felony cruelty to animals (dog fighting).

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When deputies arrived at the property, Patten said they could hear what sounded like distressful yelps and howls coming from the bayou next to the residence.

Deputies followed the sounds of the dogs in the bayou and found two men in the area where the howls were coming from.

Bell was reportedly holding a pit bull dog on a leash, which was facing another pit bull dog, wearing a harness, that was tethered to a tree. A third pit bull dog was running loose in the area unrestrained.

The other man, who was sitting on the ground, has not been charged.

Patten said the dog on the leash had severe facial and body scarring along with swelling and fresh cuts, The dog was also bleeding and the animal’s tongue had been partially bitten off, Patten said.

After the men were escorted out of the bayou, a total of 14 dogs were rescued. Patten said some appeared to be in very poor condition and several pieces of evidence were collected.

Patten said the dogs are now in a safe location.

Patten said other people could be charged pending investigation. Bell, 507 Lasalle St., could also face additional charges, Patten said.

Attorney Nan Garrison and animal advocate Barbara Platte were called to the scene and are assisting the sheriff’s office with the case, Patten said.

Natchez Police charged Bell with a misdemeanor last year after photographs of him inhumanly holding multiple puppies went viral on social media. The photos showed a man, reportedly Bell, holding puppies by their scruff, the skin of their back and upside down by the tail.

Another photo included in the post shows what appears to be two dogs fighting.

Following the posts, Bell and his family reportedly received death threats on social media and even threatening phone calls.

Patten said no arrests ever came from the investigation into the threats against Bell and his family last year.

Bell was in jail Friday afternoon with no bond set.